Mass Mixer

We are one of the pioneer Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers from India, We are amongst best mass mixer manufacturer. The mass mixture machine is specially made for the mixing of the dry and damp materials. The machine is very suitable to the tablet granulation. The machine is provided with powerful-geared drive and the mixing paddle make mass mixer. The machine is very efficiently mixing the material. It is proven an ideal mixture machine to mixing even the sticky ingredients. The two speed machine can customize as per requirement of the clients.

Technical Specification
Model GT - MM 50 GT - MM 100 GT - MM 150 GT - MM 200
Capacity 50 Kgs. 100 Kgs. 150 Kgs. 200 Kgs.
Over flow capacity 110 Ltrs. 220 Ltrs. 330 Ltrs. 440 Ltrs.
Working capacity 88 Ltrs. 156 Ltrs. 234 Ltrs. 309 Ltrs.
Speed of stirrer 35 RPM 35 RPM 30 RPM 30 RPM
Main Electric Motor 3 HP / 3 Ph. 5 HP / 3 Ph. 7.5 HP / 3 Ph. 7.5 HP / 3 Ph.
Silent Features

  • easy cleaning facility
  • The transparent poly-carbonate dust cover with inter locking system.
  • On opening of the cover, the machine stops functioning. The safety device is provided with the machine.
  • To make easy unloading, the tilting device is provided with the machine.
  • The machine is specially design to make self-adjusting sealing arrangement to ensure no black particles can enter into the mixing drum.