Multi Mill

We are one of the pioneer Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers from India, Multi Mill is used in Granulation Department for making granules, and it is most widely used in the Pharma Industry.

Application & Process

Multi Mill is used for wet and dry granulation, pulverization, milling, shredding, chopping, size reduction in Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Ceramics, Colors, Dyestuff, Food products etc. It also finds application in Pesticides, Fertilizers, Spices, Detergents, Insecticides, Plastics and Resins industries

In multi mill particle size reduction is done through impact in air, on material by blades moving at high speeds, inside a cylindrical sieve. The particles of the desired size pass out through the screen placed inside the hopper.

Technical Specification
Model GT - MM - 200
Output * 50 to 200 Kgs./Hr.
Rotor Assembly Diameter 250 mm. Approx.
Rotor Speed 750 / 1500 / 2300 / 2800 RPM
Screen dimension Inner Diameter 265 mm. / Height 140mm
Motor 3HP. / 1440RPM / 3ph.
Starter "DOL" with reversible Switch
Material Charging Height 1460 + 5 mm.
Material Discharging Height 760 + 5 mm.

    Salient Features:
  • Design is cGMP - Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance
  • High speed milling, granulating, pulverizing, mixing and size reduction of wet & dry material
  • Output capacity 50 Kg to 200 Kg per hour
  • Easy removable contact parts for cleaning & inspection
  • Easy Mobility
  • Variable force by swing better having knife & impact edges are rotating within screen
  • Direction of beaters can be changed by forward- reversible switch
  • Various combinations of perforated sieves & wire mesh